Wednesday, July 10

It's Ramadan!

Hi guys! 

A quick note to say Ramadan Mubarak!! I hope you all have a rewarding month full of blessing! 

Remember to drink lots of water ( when you can obviously!) to avoid dehydration as these fasts are long!! Moisturise your lips because they will get dry and all chapped, my favourite one to use is a simple Carmex Lip Balm. Try to be healthy when it comes to food though you and me both know that, that will be difficult! Lastly, make sure you enjoy this month and get as much rewards as possible, really benefit from it and push yourself to be closer to your religion! 

That's it for now but happy fasting! 


Tuesday, June 18

Gloomy errands.

Here is my outfit for a busy, cold, gloomy day as well as some random pictures!

The Topshop varsity top is probably my most favourite recent purchase, I honestly can't stop wearing it! 

Wear the tee with almost anything from skinny jeans or tucked in to a floral skater skirt for a cool, laidback look perfect for the summer. 

ShirtForever21 TeeTopshop BoyfriendJeansNewLook TrainersConverse HijabPrincessRockz  

My new crazy obsession is Boba Tea, it's a tea based fruit juice filled with little juice capsules that burst in your mouth, so yum! 


Friday, June 14


Hey guys! 

So before I share my birthday outfit with you guys, I thought i'd address the new blog name. OhHeyItsThatGirl is something I feel is a lot cuter and cooler than Miss Speckle Though that will always be a favourite! ♥  

A couple of days ago I turned 21 and it was a great, great day filled with laughs, love and lots of fun!  

DenimJacketH&M MaxiDressMissSelfridge HijabPrincessRockz 

Lastly, thank you guys for all the amazing birthday messages and all the support for this blog, it really does mean a lot and I really do appreciate it! 

Till next time guys, 
Adeela! X

Monday, June 10

Oh So Blue.

Denim. Maxi. Hijab. 

MaxiH&M ShoesNewLook JacketH&M BagDorothyPerkins HijabHijabJewels NecklaceTopshop


Sunday, June 9

Summer is finally here!

Lazy Summer days 

TrousersZara ShoesOffice ShirtForever21 SunglassesRiverIsland HijabHijabJewels NecklaceTopshop 


Tuesday, June 4

Gallivanting around Belfast!

Hey Guys! 

So recently the girls and I decided to pack our bags and spend a few days in Belfast for my dear cousin's hen do! Though I didn't have enough time to visit all the places I still had a great time and highly recommend the Victoria Square for amazing food + shopping and the Titanic museum which was pretty impressive! 

Prior to the museum trip the only thing I really knew about the Titanic was the story of Jack and Rose! However the museum is really informative and signifies how much work went in to the ship and how many people were involved. 

I highly recommend Belfast to anyone who is wanting a quick break not too far from home (if you live in England that is!) the people were lovely and the place is beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Here are a few pictures I took of the museum and random places in Belfast :) 


Lots of love 

Thursday, May 23

An Instagram update on my life..

Hey Guys!!

Hope everyone is well and exams and all that boring stuff went well! They're finally over whoop whoop!! Haha I thought I'd share a few of my latest Instagram pictures of what's been going on in the past few weeks :) 

And finally, to get us in the mood for summer I thought I would share with you Bourjois, 1 seconde gloss.  This is my absolute favourite gel nail polish and it is just crazy cute and super easy to apply, going for only £5.99 at boots it's a complete bargain!  

Till next time guys, lots of love 


Wednesday, April 10

A month to go! We can do it!

*So stressed, need help, too tired, too sleepy.*

Random Post, good luck to those who have exams and assignments!

Lots of love

Monday, March 4

From Winter to Spring

Hello Beauts!

As the weather is slightly getting better I have a sudden urge to ditch the winter outfits and dress like its absolutely boiling outside, though its not a very smart move at all! I have switched the boots to my flats and have lost all contact with my coats whatsoever!

I say this in every post of mine and I will say it again as it is the only active thing in my life right now, I am very busy with University and final year is a lot of work, so I don't get to out unless it is to lectures or the library :( therefore he is my very simple outfit of the day, hope you guys like it!

The Outfit
Maxi Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Satchel- New Look
Flats- Topshop
Leggings- H&M
Maxi Hijab- Princess Rockz
Necklace- Forever 21
Ring- Black, Topshop
Ring- Assorted Rings, Topshop and Primark
Free Palestine Wristband- Ebay

Lots of Love

Thursday, February 28

It's been a while!

Hello!! Hope everyone is well! Just a quick post to say that I am still here I just have been very busy with University and work load is immense!

I have a number of reviews and essential lists that I will be posting very soon! The first will be a review of Tesco's 'Along Came Betty' skin care range which is incredibly adorable and cute! (Honestly check it out!) I am currently testing out the products and so far so good!

Will keep you updated, lots of love

Monday, January 21

My Five Essentials

Our wardrobes have items that we love also the items that we hate. However essentials are those items that we need.  

Here i have listed my essentials, these are the items that I need and are the base of my wardrobe.

1. The Quick, Simple Outfit.

Ok so let’s face it, we all have them days where we just can't get out of bed, or we overslept and have 10 minutes to get ready the last thing we want to do it rummage through mountains of clothes and waste precious time in which we could be fixing our hair, hijab or makeup (which takes up most of my time!)

The quick, simple outfit needs to be something basic, something you feel comfortable in and something you can dress up or dress down. For me it is a simple Peterpan LBD I pair it with tights some killer ankle boots and I always accessorise, a bonus would be if it something that doesn’t need full on ironing.. 

Oh My Love Black Peterpan Dress, £38.99

2. Comfort Shoes. 

In the kingdom of Miss Speckle everyone should have comfortable shoes. Whether it is plimsolls or pumps, we all need footwear that is comfortable therefore it is an essential!
Ok for me I have two pairs that I would actually sleep in, if I had to (Confused face) yes these are my beloved Ugg Boots and Converse Trainers, both extremely casual as they can be paired perfectly with any daytime outfit. So if you want the casual Ugg-type boots but not for the price there are many alternatives out there that do the same job and look the exact same!

Suede Faux Fur Lined Slouch Boots, £35.00

ASOS Denver Plimsolls, £12.00

3. Skinny Jeans. 

Everyone needs a pair of these, these are probably the most essential item on my list, Skinny Jeans are the ultimate product and I find that if anything, one needs a pair of black skinnys and a pair of blue. 
I absolutely love the denim on denim look with skinny, a nice blue denim shirt paired with blue skinnys is flawless, stunning but looks effortless at the same time in addition pair your black skinnys with a printed shirt for that ‘not too casual’ look. 
For those who find denim a bit uncomfortable (ME), the lovely designers and high street brands have provided us with jeggings, a more legging type jean (which is what I wear most days) and treggings, which are a softer type denim.

These Jeans are the perfect skinny back jeans, perfect for those almost formal parties, however something cheaper would be Primark's black Skinny Jeans which go for £12.00 and feel amazing!

Black 7/8th Zip Detail Jean,, £38.00


 MOTO Blue Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jeans,, £38.00


4. A Plain White Tee. 

You can never, ever, ever have enough plain white t-shirts, it’s a fact!

I love having different styles of white t-shirts; V-necks, extremely oversized, men’s... but for essential purposes I would go for a t-shirt which is placed just at the hips. Now, all stores have a basic section where you will be able to get yourself one of these however I always go for the H&M basic collection, for me it is perfect, the colours don't fade and material is just perfect (sounds weird, but honestly they feel amazing) the downside however is that the online store is well, pretty basic and it is best to try items like these on because the sizes can be a pain. 

Basic Top,, £6.99


5. The Black Cardigan.

A simple black cardigan will go with almost everything.
At first I was a little reluctant to add this particular item to the list because I don't have much to say about other than it is essential. Everyone needs one therefore everyone stocks them! The main element of the staple product is that it needs to be fitted, have a cardigan that if you wore with an evening dress it will still look classy and formal, let the studs and spikes be with your other fancy cardigans but for this type, make it a simple statement.

Make sure the cardigan, is simple, no frills or bows or lace just a clean simple black cardigan.

Black Pointelle Cotton Cardigan,, £16

There you have it, my five essentials that i can't live without! thank you for reading, feel free to comment and share your essentials! 

That Girl Adeela