Monday, January 21

The Awkward bit..

Hello Loves!

As this is my first post and I’m trying to get my head around blogger, (this is fifth time I’m doing an introduction!) I thought I’d get the awkward bits out of the way of introducing myself and my blog, Miss Speckle.

A few months back I had the idea to start a blog, I knew what I wanted to blog about but I guess I didn’t have the confidence (nor time!) to actually start my own. I used to ponder on the negatives in my life because let’s face it; it’s much easier to sit there and complain about exams, work and bad weather (currently snowing!) whilst indulging in a tub of phish food than to do something productive that requires effort. However I have realised that it is far more exciting and beneficial if I concentrate on something I like, therefore i have made this blog to ramble on about, yes you've guessed it, Fashion.

The aim of this blog is to give my view on the latest fashion trends however with the twist of affordability, how to look good for less. Also I would love to share with you my tips and tricks on how to save money, reuse clothes from last season as well as some DIY tips to make our very own personalised items! 

If you have actually read through all of that then thank you  and if you skipped it, it wasn’t that bad honestly! But I promise my next post will be far more exciting, engaging and entertaining than this one!

Love, Adeela 

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