Tuesday, June 4

Gallivanting around Belfast!

Hey Guys! 

So recently the girls and I decided to pack our bags and spend a few days in Belfast for my dear cousin's hen do! Though I didn't have enough time to visit all the places I still had a great time and highly recommend the Victoria Square for amazing food + shopping and the Titanic museum which was pretty impressive! 

Prior to the museum trip the only thing I really knew about the Titanic was the story of Jack and Rose! However the museum is really informative and signifies how much work went in to the ship and how many people were involved. 

I highly recommend Belfast to anyone who is wanting a quick break not too far from home (if you live in England that is!) the people were lovely and the place is beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Here are a few pictures I took of the museum and random places in Belfast :) 


Lots of love 

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